A Private Island Getaway

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Greetings (PDF)

Here is far more than you ever wanted to know about our little island.

This letter will confirm your reservation (assuming your deposit has been paid) for Dry Island on Upper Saranac Lake, NY. Our information package will help insure that you have a great time here in the Adirondacks.

Arrival is (normally) scheduled for anytime after 3 pm on Saturday or Sunday. When you are in or close to the Village of Saranac Lake, it would be helpful if you could call one of the numbers below to let us know that you are near. The Village is roughly 30 minutes drive from our private landing known as "Saranac Inn" where we will meet you for the short boat trip to the island. (There was once an old Inn but it burned down years ago. The 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile area is still called Saranac Inn and is shown on Google/Map quest, and other GPS charts)

Departure is normally on Sat. (assuming you arrived the previous Sunday) before lunch. You are thus here for 7 days and 6 nights, unless you have reserved for a longer period. This provides the staff with enough time to clean up and prepare the island for its owner or for another guest.

We ask that you be ready to depart from the Dry Island boathouse by 11 am. The caretaker will gladly assist you with luggage at both ends for the short journey across the lake.

Phone numbers:

Main Office in New Rochelle, NY
914 235-8073 Ph
(Mon-Th days only) 914 235-8369 Fax

Main Office on Upper Saranac Lake
518 359-9494 Ph
(Located at Camp Dakota) 518 359-8201 Fax

Dry Island Direct Phone 518 891-3102 Ph
Dry Island Fax #518 891-0431 Fax

Jerrold Hacker, GM Cell Phone: 760 473-9805
EMERGENCY/Anytime (Camp Dakota): 518 359-9494 Ph

Caretaker: Josh Safford 518 569-8905
Cell: 518 359-5239 Home

Arrival by Air:

We can arrange to pick you up at the local Saranac Lake Airport, also called the Lake Clear or Adirondack Regional Airport. This facility is different from the smaller Lake Placid Airport next to the horse show grounds.

Car rental is available at the Regional Airport.
Hertz: 518 891-9044
Enterprise: 518 891-9216

Best if you call and reserve direct. They are not normally open on Sundays (seasonally) so if that is your day of arrival you will need to make arrangements for them to leave the keys and car location for you. If coming in the winter, it is best to ask about having them warm the car for you just before your plane arrives. This is especially important when it is –30 F outside.

Air Commercial and private charter combo:

If you are taking a commercial flight into Albany, NY or Burlington, Vt., (the two closest major airports) consider taking a charter flight from either, rather than driving.

Example: Fly into Albany, NY (ALB) commercially (Jet Blue or any other airline) and have the charter plane pick you up for the 30-minute flight to Saranac Lake. (SLK) This saves 3 hours of driving.

Or fly commercially into Burlington, Vt. (BTV) (Jet Blue, etc.) and have the charter plane pick you up for the short 15-minute flight into Saranac Lake. This saves a 2-hour drive from Burlington. Since Burlington is much closer than Albany the rates for the charter plane are much lower.

Adirondack Flying Service (518) 523-2473 charges for the entire plane so you can fly alone or fill the plane for the same price. If the weather is questionable and you planned on the single engine plane, they may cancel on you. The twin is much more of an all weather plane and they fly IFR on difficult days. If you have a lot of people or for best comfort the Cessna 402 or 421 is best. Best to check with Adirondack Flying Service for latest quotes.

Flight Path: ALB to SLK (Albany, NY)
Cessna 206(Entire plane)$943
Cessna 414/402(Entire plane)$1,776
Cessna 421(Entire plane)$1,925
Flight Path: BTV to SLK (Burlington, Vt)
Cessna 206(Entire plane)$543
Cessna 414/402(Entire plane)$978
Cessna 421(Entire plane)$1,056
Flight Path: HPN to SLK (White Plains, NY)
Cessna 206(Entire plane)$1,644
Cessna 414/402(Entire plane)$3,202
Cessna 421(Entire plane)$3,484
Flight Path: TEB to SLK (Teterboro, NJ)
Cessna 206(Entire plane)$2,030
Cessna 414/402(Entire plane)$3,685
Cessna 421(Entire plane)$3,983
Cessna E-90 Twin Turboprop (Entire plane for 6 passengers -They do not do it by passenger) Prices as of as of 4/5/19
BTV to SLK (25 min flight)$2364 (1 way)Burlington, Vt.
HPN to SLK (40 min flight)$3816 (1 way)White Plains, NY
TEB to SLK (60 min flight?)$4381 (1 way)Teterboro, NJ
JFK to SLK (60 min flight?).$4400 (1 way)NYC, NY

Go Aviation (Based in Saranac Lake) (They also have Helicopters and jets) 888 490-4585. Info@go-avation.com. Speak to Patrick or Mike

** The 206 is tight for 5 people unless 2 or more are small children. Light luggage only with 5 passengers, otherwise 3-4 passengers max.

Driving directions from the Adirondack Regional Airport to the Dry Island Boat Landing:

Leave the SLK airport and turn right onto Route 186. This will quickly turn into Route 30 South, heading towards Tupper Lake.

Starting at 0 Miles (Odometer Reading) as you leave the airport exit: (Readings are cumulative)

1.7 miles to Rte 30N/Rte 86 Junction (Lake Clear Post Office)
5.8 miles to Sunday Pond Bed and Breakfast on left
6.4 miles to sort of a "Y" in the road.

You will see a large brown and white sign on your left saying: "Saranac Inn Golf Club". There is also a small state sign (brown and yellow) on the right announcing "Saranac Inn". The old hotel burned down long ago but the area is still called Saranac Inn. Bear left at the "Y" across the highway and down the blacktop road. The Golf Club entry will be on the right and just beyond you will see the big parking area and State Boat Launch Ramp. All of this is less than 1/2 mile from where you turned off Route 30. Facing the State Launch, bear left. You are now on Back Bay Rd.

Stay on Back Bay Rd. for about 900 feet and you will come to a row of mailboxes on your left. It is here that you turn left between two white cottages (Prospect House Lane) and come down the common area driveway to the landing. Go very slowly so as not to disturb the residents in their cottages on either side of you.

At the very bottom (about 600 feet) you will come to a small landing and hopefully see our dock. Our caretaker should be waiting there to help you.

The caretaker will direct you to turn your car around so that it points back up the driveway. This is where you can leave your car the entire time you are staying with us. You will be able to go to the car whenever you wish but it is best not to leave food or other goodies that little critters in the area might find irresistible. Note: When you have a large group and multiple cars, you will be able to park a max of 2 cars in our lot. Others will have to park on Back bay Road or possibly at the State Boat Ramp.

NOTE: If you arrive at the Landing and no one is there to meet you, there is a phone and intercom to the island just behind you as you face the water. It is hidden in a gray outdoor box behind the electric panel about 15' back from the water. Open the panel door and use the intercom to try and hail the island. Failing that, use the phone 2nd line to call the primary phone at Dry Island or the base camp phone where Jerry lives. (Dry Is. 518 891-3102 or Jerry at 518 359-9494) When finished, close the box to protect against the weather.


An exciting alternative to the above flights is to have a seaplane pick you up virtually anywhere and bring you directly to the island. Since some planes here have amphibious floats (wheels and floats) they can also land at an airport of your choosing and then bring you directly to us. They charge according to the distance flown but from Albany airport direct to the island runs about $425 for up to 3 average size passengers with normal luggage in a Cessna 185. They can also hold 4 lightweight people but not with heavy luggage. The only outfit close by with amphibious floats is Bird's Flying Service in Inlet, NY.

There are two other Seaplane services close by which fly "Floats Only". If you are near water (Lakes or rivers) they can probably come and get you.

Should you decide to fly from Dry Island to one of the other lakes while here, floatplanes are a great choice. You might consider Helms Aero or Payne's flying Service in nearby Long Lake for fishing or back woods exploring. We can help you with all this. Air/Helicopter North Country helicopter service can pick you up almost anywhere, including NYC, and bring you here. This is a very special treat for up to 4 people and light luggage. (You can always ship your things UPS or Fed Ex ahead of time and we would have it at the island for you) Price varies by distance. The same service can also take you on rides of the area or for a special luncheon on top of one of the local mountains..or perhaps a morning expedition to Montreal, dinner, and return the next day.

Driving directions to Dry Island - From the South

We are roughly 6-7 hours drive from NYC/ 5-6 hours drive from White Plains, NY/ or 2 hours North of Glens Falls, NY, (which is Exit 19 on the Adirondack Northway). Glens Falls/Lake George is a major tourist area and a place to stay overnight or have dinner.

From NYC, JFK or LaGuardia Airport, obtain directions to the New York State Thruway, which is Route 87. (NOT the New England Thruway which goes more along Long Island Sound and the Connecticut coast)

Take the NY State thruway (Rte 87) to the Albany interchange. (Exit 24) You could also take the Taconic state Parkway for a more leisurely and beautiful route to Albany.

From Albany, take the Adirondack Northway (Towards Montreal, Canada). Try not to go through downtown Albany. The highway goes around it.

NOTE: You can circle Albany via the western route 87 or via the eastern route 787 that goes into Route 7 and then back into 87. Ask the man in the toll booth which way is quicker at that time, back to the Adirondack Northway.

Get off at EXIT 30 (at the bottom of the ramp, go left) and onto Rt 73 towards Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

Follow Route 73 to Keene, NY and bear left following signs for Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

In 10-15 minutes, you will pass the Olympic ski jumps on your left and the horse show fair grounds on the right.

Bear left here onto the bypass road. (County Route 35 aka Military Road or cutoff) to Saranac Lake. (Bypassing the town of Lake Placid) Follow this bypass road to its end and turn left onto Route 86 towards Saranac Lake.

(If you miss the military bypass, then you will end up going through Lake Placid, which could be an extra 30-40 minutes during the summer or Fall. Taking the cutoff for a few miles puts you back on the highway just outside the Village of Saranac Lake and onto route 86 West.)

Go a few miles and you will see the Village of Saranac Lake which is not really on Saranac Lake. It is confusing since the Village of Saranac Lake is on Lake Flower and the Village of Lake Placid is on Mirror Lake. As you approach the village, stay on the main road (Route 86) keeping Lake Flower on your left. Nona Fina's Italian restaurant will be on the right.

This is a good time to stop at a phone or use your Cell to call us. See List of PHONE NUMBERS at the beginning of this letter. If you do not reach us, leave a message on the answering machine. You can also page the Caretaker. (See List)

We should be at one place or the other waiting for your call. If no answer, then continue on to our pre-arranged meeting at the landing. You are now roughly 30 minutes driving time from the landing.

There are two major routes from the Village of Saranac Lake to us. One is Route 3 towards Tupper Lake and the other is listed below. While the Route 3 highway is smoother it is 20 minutes longer to the landing. So we suggest the following:

Directions to Dry Island landing from Village of Saranac Lake:

This route will take you along the west side of Saranac Lake (You may not be able to see the lake because of the trees) past the Adirondack Regional Airport in Lake Clear and the Upper Saranac Lake, NY State Boat Launch, which is just a few minutes from our landing.

Leave the Village of Saranac Lake (past a few bars and ramshackle buildings) going west on Route 86 towards Donnelly's Corners ice cream stand.

On your way out you will pass Lake Colby on the left and the Adirondack Medical Center (AMC is the local hospital) on the right. A few miles further you will come to the tiny ice cream stand (capacity 5 adults or 14 million children) at Donnelly's Corners.

Almost everyone in town is familiar with Donnelly's. To know if you are speaking to a native just ask them what flavor is being served on your particular day. Any self-respecting local would know, for example, that Saturday is Chocolate/Vanilla swirl. (They have not changed flavors in 50 years)

After consuming far more ice cream than you should have, pull away from the ice cream stand and immediately turn left at the light (South) onto Route 186, following it roughly 8.5 miles to the Saranac Inn Golf Course. (You should now be heading in the direction of Lake Clear and the Adirondack Regional Airport)

If you set your trip odometer at "zero" as you leave Donnelly's, you will pass the often closed Lake Clear General store/gas station at 2.0 miles. Then comes the Adirondack Regional Airport on your right.

As your odometer reads 4 miles you will see the Lake Clear Junction on your right. (Do not go right) Continue straight ahead. Route 186 changes here to Route 30 South. It is the same road. Had you turned right, it would have taken you to Paul Smith's College and Upper St. Regis Lake.

Continue south on Route 30. At 6.8 miles on your odometer the road widens and you will see signs on your right for the NYS DEC Fish Hatchery.

Keep going straight until mile 8.5 where you will come to the large brown and white sign in the middle of the "Y" saying: "Saranac Inn Golf Club". There is also a small state sign (brown and yellow) on the right announcing Saranac Inn. Bear left across the highway and down the blacktop road.

The Golf Club entry will be on the right and just beyond you will see a house in the middle of the road. All of this is less than 1/2 mile from where you turned off route 30. When you get to the house, bear left past it. You are now on Back Bay Rd. You will see the NYS boat launch and parking lot to your right.

Stay on Back Bay Rd. for about 900 feet and you will come to a row of mailboxes on your left. It is here that you turn left between two white cottages (Prospect House Lane) and come down our driveway to the landing. Go very slowly so as not to disturb the residents on either side of you.

At the very bottom (about 600 feet) you will come to a small parking area where you will see our dock and hopefully, our caretaker waiting to help you.

The caretaker will direct you to turn your car around so that it points back up the driveway. Back your vehicle into the grass area. This is where you can leave your car during your stay with us.

Arrival at our landing:

Our caretaker will help unload luggage from your vehicle and place it into our boat just 20 feet from your car. Once loaded our boat will transport you to the island for your stay. Upon arrival, we will place your luggage in our island vehicle for transport to the house or cabin. You can walk or ride in the "Mule" for the 500 foot run up the hill to the main house. The Log Cabin is about 1/4 mile away in the woods, at the far end of the island.


Main House:
Master bedroom upstairs-Ca. King size bed
2nd Bedroom upstairs-Queen size bed
Downstairs bedroom-Queen size bed

Log Cabin:
Master bedroom downstairs-Ca. King size bed
2nd floor loft-1 Queen size bed and 2 Twin beds

Lean To:
Ca King size bed

Tree House:
Queen size bed
Twin bed

NOTE: The Lean to and Tree house can be made up with sheets and blankets for you or you can bring sleeping bags. Let us know your choice. Neither of these beautiful structures are suitable for young children unless you are there to supervise them. Also, voices carry many miles at night and young children might disturb folks on the mainland.

Air Conditioning:

The main house and Log Cabin are fully air conditioned though you will rarely need it. The Tree House and Lean to are open to the wild outdoors but are fully screened. There is a separate air conditioner in the log cabin master bedroom and another for the entire cabin.


As with everything in life, we strive for a balance. The island is generally well stocked with your choices made beforehand. If you prefer that alcoholic beverages be out of sight or out of the reach of children, we will gladly lock up all the bottles and give you the key. If you keep beer or wine in the fridge, it is up to you to keep these beverages away from underage children. For safety, we request that you not carry alcoholic beverages when using any of our boats. The new NYS laws (as of 8/06) are VERY severe for drinking and then operating a power boat. You have been warned! Not even one beer is allowed if you are going to be operating a boat.


All are newish top of the line and in excellent working order. We have standard 110 VAC outlets though 220 VAC is available. If coming from overseas we suggest conversion plugs. Given sufficient notice and requirements we will be glad to have these for you.


Available at reasonable rates from local teens and adults around the lake. Contact us.


A new stainless steel Weber barbecue sits just off the main house porch and is always available to you. There is a spare 20 lb tank. See the Caretaker to have it changed.


Our barge, which is disguised as a dock, is sitting roughly 2,000 feet from the island and is the access point from the mainland. The State Ramp is also an access point but is a mile away.

Boathouse 2nd Floor:

This area is for storage of boat items such as buoys, PFD's, safety equipment and general gear used around the docks. It is normally locked and used only by the Caretaker.


While you are welcome to utilize our collection of watercraft, some require our driver. You can use canoes, kayaks, Zodiac inflatable with 3 hp electric motor, Vanguard Optimist sailboat, Electric gondola, and numerous other boats, on your own.

The larger craft such as the Cobalt ski boat, Hackercraft, Alerion sailboat, Polar Airboat, etc. require our driver. For the most part, our caretaker will be your captain and guide.

There is a 19' Key West (similar to a Boston Whaler) with a 90 hp Honda engine that normally stays with the caretaker. Many of the larger boats are kept at Camp Dakota, our base camp, just a few miles down the lake. For some craft we will bring you to Camp Dakota and for others we will bring the boats to you at Dry Island.

Here is our own current inventory of boats:

  • 30' Mahogany Hackercraft (45 mph)
  • 26' Hereshoff Alerion Sloop with electric inboard
  • 23' Cobalt Ski Boat (55 mph)
  • 17' Key West with 90 hp Honda
  • 16' Lund Fishing Boat with 30 Hp Honda 4 stroke
  • 16' Polar Airboat (Ice/all terrain boat)400 hp100 mph
  • 14' Budsin Electric Gondola by Tom Hesselink
  • 16' Adirondack Guide Boat by Dan Embree
  • 17' Cedar Strip sailing canoe by Greg Morley
  • 17' Arundel Strip Cedar Canoe
  • 17' Winonah Royalex Canoe (Dry)
  • 16' Royalex Wenonah Canoes (2 New 2010)
  • 15' Wood and Canvas Stevens Canoe (Dry)
  • 16' Custom strip Cedar Canoe by Bozeman
  • 12' Zodiac with 3 hp electric outboard (Dry)
  • 15' Strip Cedar Kayak
  • 12' Single Necki Kayak (Dry)
  • 12' Dual Old Town Kayak (Dry)
  • 8' Single Necki Kayak (Dry)
  • 10' Optimist Sailboat
  • 3' Radio Controlled CR-914 Sailboats (2)

Bring with you:

Water sandals or other shoes to wear when going in the water or walking from the beach to the cabin. The lake bottom is sandy but you may encounter rocks or sharp objects. Bring prescription medicine, eyeglasses, etc. There is a new Rite Aid drug store in Saranac Lake and one in Tupper Lake but they are a 30 minute ride.

Remember that as nice as the living quarters may be we are still in the woods. Doctors are not far away but finding them at 2 am is difficult. Bring books to read, your favorite CD's, DVDs and other forms of entertainment. Each building has a CD player but you might want your own MP3 player, or other small portable device for quiet listening. Don't forget suntan lotion and Noxema or other first aid cream for burns. Days are usually warm and nights are cool.

Car rental:

Located both at the airport and in town. We can help you with this or you can call direct. See above section on Airport arrival.

Caretaker Shed:

The front half of this building is where the Caretaker has his desk and personal things. The rear half of the building is for the mechanical and electrical systems that operate the island. This building is for the caretaker's use only.

Canoe Shed:

Here you will find canoes, kayaks, paddles, PFD's, water safety devices, and general waterfront equipment. Be careful when removing or replacing gear. If our caretaker is there he will gladly set up and assist you in putting any of the boats in the water for you. He will also instruct you or your children in the correct use of any of our boats.

Children and Adults – Caution and Disclaimer Most people visiting our island find it very safe and a location where kids can be kids without much fear of getting into trouble. Some caution is advised. The rocky surface of the land invites scraped knees and possible falls if not careful. The tree house is some 14' in the air and can be equally dangerous if someone falls from the precipitous perch. The beach can be rocky, especially after a storm.

Ours is an environment of great contrast, with very comfortable lodging inside and wild woods just outside the door. Even something simple like the log staircase can be slippery and cause a problem if a child sleepwalks or turns the wrong way in the middle of the night while searching for the bathroom or for his or her parent. In the main house 2nd floor there is a dog gate to help keep little kids from falling on the stairs but you must be sure to use it properly.

In the case of small children you may want to leave a night light on so the child will not wander into an area that may cause problems. You could leave the small light at the top of the stairs on all night. We have a small baby crib which can be set up for you by our caretaker if you tell us in advance. Feel free to bring your own if you like. Ours is just a simple woodsy one.

You are in the woods and there are animals, which, while not dangerous, may leave holes in the ground. Be vigilant and keep watch of your little ones. The spa could be a source of difficulty. You need to be extra careful that no one walks or sits on the cover or goes in it without direct parental supervision.

In the main house living room is a 42" Plasma TV. Anyone trying to plug in a game that uses the TV as a monitor could knock the TV over if they are not careful. (Please ask us to connect or add any appliances to the TV) Parents MUST watch their children carefully. Finally, children under 18 are not to be left on the island alone. Sometimes parents wish to attend a show or movie and the kids quite willingly offer to stay by themselves. Babysitters are available or perhaps we can find a suitable place for the children to have fun while you are out. Speak with us about this.

NB: This is not your typical rental house. It is the private home of one man and his family. Food is only to be eaten at the (inside or outdoor) tables, not in the bedrooms or on the sofas, floor, etc. One spilled drink or dropped plate of food could ruin a piece of furniture or carpet.

Cleaning Service:

Many guests prefer to be left on their own for the week. Some would rather the cleaning person come every few days. Still others wish daily service. We try to be somewhere in the middle and change the sheets at least once or twice per week. Should you require service more often, please speak to the caretaker and he will assist you.

While it is very rarely needed, if you are very messy, there may be an extra charge for bringing in a special cleaning team. This can be costly depending on the extent of the mess and includes kitchen appliances, pots and pans, spilled food, fridge, etc. We are not asking that you be super clean; just follow the Golden Rule and all should be well.


There are no restaurants open to the public which require tie and jacket. Even the most upscale ones in Lake Placid ask only for "sport clothing" to be worn at dinner. On the island we do not care what you do or do not wear. You can dress up or just wear a loincloth to dinner. This is your place and we are there to make your stay comfortable. If you decide to skinny dip (that's going bare not bear) we advise having a towel nearby in case local kayakers find you interesting.


The island has High Speed Internet in the main house and roughly 40 feet around it. It may or may not reach from the Log Cabin. As with most things here in the woods, they work most of the time but nowhere as reliably as back home. We microwave the signals from the main land and use Time Warner cable.

We have an HP 7130 xi combo fax, copier, scanner, and color photo printer. You can have friends or your office send faxes direct to the island at: 518 891-0431. You can also send faxes from this machine. There are limited supplies so let us know if you intend to do a lot of copying or faxing and we can try to bring you what is needed.


We have VHF radios on the larger boats and in the main house and log cabin. We also have VHF radio from the island to the base camp. Be sure to instruct children that the radio is for emergencies only. We suggest using FRS (Family Radio Service) Handy Talkies for island communications. They have short range and should allow you to stay in touch with your own family members. There is a phone on the island for both talking and modem use but it sometimes goes down. There is fair to good cell service in the area but some dead spots around the lake. It's a good idea to take your cell phone with you when boating.


Dry Island is a private 12-acre site at the North end of Upper Saranac Lake, one of the most elegant lakes in the Adirondack Park. Our island was once a part of the old Saranac Inn but was never built upon and never inhabited. Ours is a new but rustic Adirondack Camp built in the 1920's style and is the private home of a businessman from NY. When the island is occupied with guests, he and his family live at their base camp a few miles down lake on the western shore.

We are not sure why it is called Dry Island. It is not dry and in fact, enjoys lush forests and wonderful 60' high trees. White Pine, Red Pine, Hemlocks, Cedars, and numerous other large trees are plentiful.

Upper Saranac Lake, roughly 8 miles long by 3 miles wide, is dotted with exclusive estates (camps) belonging to captains of industry as well as ordinary working folks, many of whom have had the land passed down to them generation to generation. The homes are generally hidden in the trees with only their docks and boathouses visible. Dry Island is the owner's private home and is available with or without staff for rental. Since the entire island is ours, no one else would be sharing it with you.

The main house sits atop a rock outcropping in a forest of Hemlock trees facing south and east towards the sunrise. When you awaken in the master bedroom, your view of the mountains is excellent. You are facing undeveloped forest land which should remain that way forever. A strong scent of Balsam envelops you and a fresh mountain breeze greets your first step out onto the bedroom veranda. It is then you realize how much you have missed living in the city. It should remind you of your youth when air was fresh and clean.

The main house is a 2400 sq ft. open timber frame building with modern conveniences but constructed in the Adirondack rustic mode. It is 90% camouflaged from lake view but enjoys a window of the Adirondack Park from the main deck and upstairs bedroom. Wood burning Rumford (old English manor style) fireplaces are upstairs and on the main floor. The screen porch and the decks add another 1,200 square feet of space.

The separate Log Cabin is hidden in the interior of the island and is not visible from the water though you can see the lake through the trees as you sit on the cabin's screen porch. It has a medium sized, fully equipped kitchen.

The boathouse is located at the eastern end of the island and has a second floor for storage.

AC power to the island is from the mainland via a line under the lake and a 20 KW standby generator on the island. While rare, if the power fails you should call us to come and start the generator.

Doors and locks:

When on the island we rarely lock doors but it would probably be a good idea to do so. If, for example, the log cabin guests were coming up to the main house or going to the beach it could not hurt to lock the door. It is doubtful that anyone would ever come onto the island without permission but its best to take the extra precaution if you have anything you might be concerned about losing.

If you were about to leave for a boat ride or a day out it is best to secure all buildings. Leave real valuables at home and speak to the management about securing cash or other items of high worth. Each building has an Elsafe electronic combination safe. You select the code but PLEASE do not forget it. You can keep small items such as cash or wallets in there. (At your own risk)


Once your gear is unloaded and brought to your room, you will be left alone to unpack and relax for a while. By then it will be close to 4 pm and our chef, will have afternoon tea, cold drinks, and snacks ready for you in the main house.

Ours is an open kitchen and your family can go in anytime at all. Just ask the Chef for whatever you might like. If the Chef is off duty, help yourself to either the main fridge or the one in the garage. Unless you wish to chance the Chef's wrath, it is probably best to not consume ingredients set aside for the next meal.

Let our Caretaker know when you are ready for a tour of the island. He will point out the Tree House, the Lean to, the beach and swim area, and the Nature Trail. He will show you how to work the outdoor Hot Tub, the Jacuzzi bath, and all the other fun "stuff" you might enjoy around the island along with the fishing gear, sports equipment, canoes, safety gear, etc.

If you have questions about anything from air conditioner operation to computer hook ups, the caretaker is the person to ask. He is your primary contact while you are with us. Should he not be around, you can call our office here on the lake at any time 24 hours a day and we will try our best to help you. (518 359-9494)

You are now on your own to relax or explore until dinner. You will decide if you prefer inside or outside dining. The outside porch is fully screened and a very nice place to sit and enjoy the lake. However, if it is a hot night and you prefer the comfort of an air-conditioned dining room, you are welcome to sit inside. Please let our chef know as early as possible so the table can be set in the proper place for you. If you do not indicate a preference, we will make the decision based on the weather.

The island is now yours to enjoy. After dinner all will be cleaned up and the chef will depart by boat between 8 and 9 pm. It is usually light out until 9 pm and we try to get the chef back to the mainland before dark. The Chef will go over the next day's breakfast and lunch with you so you know where everything is located.

While you will have a wide variety of breakfast foods, the Chef can leave lunch in the fridge, ready to be unwrapped the next day and eaten cold or heated in the oven. It could be a cold fresh lobster salad or perhaps a tasty meat casserole. These are decisions, which the chef will work out with you in the weeks ahead.

Our chef comes to the island each day around 3 pm, with all the fresh groceries needed for that evenings meal, along with breakfast and lunch for the following day. If you have any special last minute requests it may be possible to bring your items the next day. However, consider that the chef and the caretaker work as a team to obtain everything according to the pre arranged menus. Too many changes at the last minute could delay the meals. Folks tend to dine a little early here in the mountains. Cocktail hour is normally between 4-5 pm followed by hot or cold dishes of appetizers at 6 and dinner at 6:30 pm. We generally conclude by 8 pm.

This time is selected so that you may enjoy your dinner during daylight hours and then still have time to take an evening cruise on the lake or just sit back and enjoy the sunset. We can alter dinner and other times by prior arrangement with the chef and Caretaker. Slight additional charge to alter the time of sunset.

Extra Food:

We will gladly stock the house with lots of "extras" for snacks or late night episodes of raiding the fridge if you tell us what you like. Feel free to bring special food with you though it may be warm outside and a hassle for you to pack it. You can also go to Lake Placid (30 minute drive from the landing) where you will find a large Price Chopper and a new Hannafords super market. If they do not have what you are seeking and you really feel the desire to shop, it is roughly a two hour drive to Plattsburgh where you will find Sam's Club, Walmart, and other large stores. E-mail us in advance and we will search out whatever foods you desire. Our goal is to make your stay extra special and delicious!


We have an ecosystem that supports mostly Red and White Pine, Cedars and Hemlock trees. There are numerous unusual plants throughout the island. No trees are to be cut and only logs designated for the fireplace are to be used for wood burning. No open fires anywhere on the island without the caretaker's supervision. We will gladly set up a fire on the beach and even an outdoor marshmallow roast if you let us know.

We have a wide variety of edible plants on the island, the most popular of which is our High Bush Blueberries. There is also an interesting variety of mosses, some found nowhere else.

They are quite special and we ask that children be careful what they step on while exploring the island. We will gladly give you a nature tour.

Fire System:

Fire Extinguishers are located throughout the buildings. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with their location and operation. Please warn children not to touch unless there is a real fire.

You will find yellow Fire Bags on the outside of some buildings. This is a modern version of the old metal Indian Pump that firefighters have worn on their backs for many years. Each yellow nylon pouch carries about 3 gallons of water and has a hand sprayer attached. These are not to be used for water fights or any purpose other than fighting fires.

The underground fire system for the island consists of a 10 hp 220 vac Grundfos submersible pump which is activated when a switch on any of the three outdoor fire stands is turned on. This is a powerful pump and you must be trained in its use before attempting to turn it on. No child is ever to activate the system, as the high-pressure nozzle is just like that on a fire truck and dangerous in the hands of untrained people. A light and siren may be triggered when the system is active. Turning on any fire hose may cause a signal to be sent to the central monitoring station on the mainland.

Note: The 100' hose must be fully stretched out and the nozzle in the ON position before allowing water to reach it. Otherwise it could hit someone. Using the fire systems is a two-person job and you need training to use it.


Use only the wood, which is in the racks assigned to each building. Do not cut any standing trees. Avoid softwoods as they burn too hot and create ash. If you use the Lean To fireplace, please exercise extreme caution and keep the screen down to stop ash from flying into the trees and causing a major fire.

Please do not start this fireplace alone. Ask the caretaker to set it up and light it for you. There is a water hose nearby that should be turned "on" but stopped at the nozzle anytime a fire is going in the fireplace.


You will find rods, reels, tackle box, etc. at the boathouse but may need a license which is easily obtained at Hickok Marina a few minutes from camp. Live bait is also available. Fishing guides for on or off lake expeditions can be set up for your visit. Call us in advance for more information. Northern Pike and Lake Trout appear to be the most popular fish though numerous other species inhabit this lake.


We add a 15% service charge to invoices and split 100% of that money amongst those who are serving you: our caretaker, the chef, and others assisting on the island. It is done just after your departure. If any of our staff perform some exceptional service and you wish to reward them beyond the normal gratuity you are welcome to do so though it is not necessary.


If you or other members of your party would like to share your interests with us we might be able to suggest ideas for you while in this area. For example, if your hobby was woodworking, we might be able to set up an appointment for you to work with some of the area craftsman. Or if it were astronomy we could arrange for a telescope to be at the island. The woods are filled with experts in a wide range of fields. If cooking is your thing, our Chef will gladly welcome you into the kitchen.


Everything is new and top of the line. 48" Sub Zero Fridge with ice and water in the door, full size Thermador Double convection/microwave oven (Upper and lower) with separate warmer tray. Kitchenaide Dishwasher, Kitchenaid trash compactor, Thermador 5 burner gas cooktop, multi speed exhaust fan with infra red heat lamps, separate GE Microwave unit under cabinet, etc.


The caretaker will take any outgoing mail each day and deposit it in the mailbox. There is a Post Office in nearby Lake Clear, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid.


Available almost anytime you wish. We have very able local masseurs and masseuses. They will be brought to the island or canoe out to you on their own. (Up here, everyone has a canoe) Rates are reasonable and the service is quite good. Best to arrange as far in advance as possible. If you would like to set up daily visits they would be glad to do so. You may pay the massage therapist directly when they are there.

Since this is your island for the week (or longer) you determine where you wish the massage table to be set up. Ie: In the woods, the bedroom, the porch, etc. If you wish the island to be strictly off limits to anyone, it is your decision. We will try to help you achieve your dreams for the time you are up here.


The nearest movie theater is the Palace in Lake Placid. There is an old theater in Tupper Lake that is much closer but they only have one movie compared with 4-6 different screens at the Palace. Schedules are in the local paper each day or you can call. None of the theaters are air conditioned as of this writing. We have our own 400 DVD Carousel in the living room. It now has roughly 100 movies but you are free to bring more from home if you like.


The hills around our lake are filled with gifted musicians. Sometimes we can get them to come and visit us. It is an opportunity for them to have some fun and we enjoy having them.

There are performances at the local Pendragon playhouse in Saranac Lake several times each week. The LPCA (Lake Placid Center for The Arts) has everything from shows to symphony concerts.

If you play an instrument and can carry or ship it up here, please do so. Should you like to rent an instrument for your stay, let us know and we will try to get it on the island for you.

There is a music store in Potsdam, NY (about an hours drive) that ships instruments for your use. They are reasonably priced. Two weeks ago we ordered an Alto Saxophone for the balance of the summer. Cost was only $50.00 until September for a used instrument, but in like new condition.


As a way of remembering each guest we have a tradition that you and your family create a painted canoe paddle which we will add to our wall. Please visit our base camp to see all the colorful creations now hanging in the kitchen and shop walls. You will be given a blank 4' wood paddle and directed to the area where we have paints, crafts, and all sorts of "stuff" for you to decorate your own special creation.


We have acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink, and other sets at our base camp. Serious painters should consider bringing their own supplies as ours are only for the advanced beginner.


Our general policy is that pets are not permitted. We sometimes make exceptions so you should inquire. For long-term guests only, you may be permitted to bring a well trained small pet.

Phone use:

We have two lines, one is used for the computer/fax and the other for the regular phone. The wires go underwater to the mainland. We have extensions in most rooms but we generally keep the ringers off so you are not disturbed. You can easily activate any of the phone ringers if you wish. The answering machine in the main house kitchen will pick up after four rings.

The phones may have toll restrictors on them so we suggest a calling card or other means for making long distance calls. If you are staying long term (more than a week) we can easily switch the billing to your name and number, freeing the phones for normal use without any restriction. You may find Cell phones to be the easiest way to communicate with your friends or office.


Whenever any management or staff comes to the island we try to announce ourselves over the intercom before coming up the hill to the main house or log cabin.

The housekeeper will arrive at a prearranged time and probably be about 2-4 hours on the island. She or he can be there daily, 2x a week or not at all. It's up to you. Our caretaker, is normally on the island doing work each day and then brings the chef back to the mainland each evening.

The caretaker carries a handi talkie so you can reach him by using the wireless intercom in the kitchen.

We also have a VHF radio system. You will find the radio located below the kitchen counter in the main house and in the cabinet near the dishes in the Log Cabin. (Over the counter) These radios carry a long distance so it is best to have only the adults use them. To reach the Caretaker or any of us by radio, just press the microphone button and say: "Dry calling caretaker". If you do not hear a response, you might say "Dry calling base". You should reach one of us, either in a boat or at the base camp. Most of our boats are equipped with the VHF radio so if we are on the lake, we should hear you.

Though rare, if anyone (you did not invite) pulls up to the dock or attempts to walk onto the island, you should politely confront them and ask why they are there. If they say they have permission from the owner, please ask their name and contact us immediately. No one may enter without our (or your) direct permission. This includes building inspectors, neighbors, law enforcement or any other persons purporting to have permission to be there. Your home is your castle and for this week, it is your home. Even friends of the owner know that they should not visit the island without having asked, and permission would not be given when a guest is in residence. Please escort them back to their boat and write down their names and boat numbers for reference. The Caretaker will do all of this if he is there.

Security and health:

All the major structures on the island have smoke and burglar alarms connected to a central monitoring station. If you should accidentally trigger a smoke detector, the central station will probably call and seek a pass code. Please explain what happened and have them call us at any of our phone numbers. They have them on file. Unless the alarm is real, we obviously would not want them dispatching boats and helicopters.

In case of a genuine fire alarm, get everyone to safety and call us by phone (518 359-9494) and on the VHF radio so that we can come to the island. We can usually make it there in less than 10 minutes. The fire department could be at least 30 minutes.

Once we are alerted, try your best to put out the flames using fire extinguishers found in almost every room. If you can handle the fire hose without hurting yourself then do so but please be careful. Sometimes the water damage can be worse than the fire damage. Our caretaker will train you on your first day at the island.

For health emergencies (heart attack, etc) follow the same procedure as above but tell 911 that you have a genuine emergency need for an ambulance to meet you at the State Ramp, not our private landing. All the emergency services know how to get to the State Ramp but few would find our private landing, especially in the dark.

Once we arrive at the island we will transport the injured party to the state ramp for help. The alternative is that we can go directly to the State ramp and try to pick up the EMT or other person and bring them to the island. Use the VHF radio to update us while we are on the way up there.

As an alternative, you could try to transport the injured party on your own and then drive them to the Adirondack Medical Center, which is a 20 minute journey. Discuss all of these alternatives with us and be sure to advise management and the caretaker of any medical conditions that you or your guests may have.


You can ship (UPS, Fed Ex., etc.) almost anything up here in advance, including your luggage. It will be in your room, unopened and waiting for you. Same for special foods or supplies you might like for your stay with us.

We have Federal Express service to our base camp and would gladly handle any outgoing packages for you. It would be easiest to put them on your own FedEx account number but in a pinch we will place them on our account and then charge you actual cost.


This is a 100% NON SMOKING island. No smoking inside, outside, or on the boats. This is for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the extreme fire hazard of being in the woods. We are on an island and no fire department could reach us in time to put out a blaze. Fire extinguishers are located throughout the buildings. Please familiarize yourself and your guests with the location of each extinguisher. You may not have time to do this once a fire starts.


Dry Island has a custom-built stainless steel spa, however, special caution must be exercised when it comes to children in or around it. Children are not to sit in or use the spa without direct parental supervision. The tub will be 100% under your control and you decide when or if it can be used and by whom. THERE ARE NO LIFEGUARDS. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN OR NEAR THE SPA. Swimsuits are optional as the tub is hidden from lake view. Bring towels outside with you and please dry off before entering the house. Hang wet swimsuits outside or in the bathroom tub to dry.

CAUTION: The spa controls are to be adjusted only by the adults or caretaker. Playing with them can upset the settings and cause erratic operation of the motors and controls. You may adjust the spa temperature and the blower on/off switch. Please do not change other settings.

When closing the spa, do so gently as the cover can accidentally hit the control buttons. Please do not stand or sit on the spa cover or it may break.

Spa Services:

If you wish a manicure, pedicure, off premise massage, or other spa service, speak to the caretaker or call in advance of your stay so that we can assist you. There are a few nice places in Lake Placid where those services are available with advance notice.


We have our own little private beach near the boathouse. The water is excellent and outside of an occasional passing fisherman you have the beach to yourself. If you decide to swim more than 75' or so from the beach you would be well advised to have someone follow close by in a canoe or other boat. Otherwise a passing boat may not see you and there could be an accident. Swimsuits are optional though you may wish to keep a towel nearby.



We have a new 42" plasma TV that is in the main house living room. It is used to watch DVD's of which we have a small collection. If you require live TV, we can order satellite service for you given enough time. Please do not allow children to play around the TV, or anywhere in the house. If they break it, the replacement is expensive.


On the island we have a small gas powered vehicle for bringing groceries and other heavy items up the hill to the main house or to the other side of the island where the log house is located. It is NOT for guests to use.

Your own vehicle can be parked on our landing, which is roughly a half-mile from the island. You will have a small boat at your disposal to get to your car. The island vehicle is for our Caretaker use only.

VHF Radio:

These are long-range radios and others might hear you. Please try to keep conversations short and to the point. You can page the caretaker by pressing the microphone button and saying, "Dry to caretaker" and then let go. If no response, try again. If he is in range with any of the boats or with his handi talkie he will answer you. You can also call: "Dry to base" in order to locate anyone at the base camp. Children should not use these radios unless it is important or they have an emergency.


The maximum number of "overnight guests" in your party is limited to 10 for the entire island. You may invite guests for meals but they cannot stay overnight on the island unless they are registered with us ahead of time. If you are inviting friends over for the day or evening the maximum number on the entire island at any one time is 16. We must be told the names of anyone coming to the island, in advance.

Any violation of either the 10 person sleeping rule or the 16 persons overall on the island rule, will place us in a difficult position. We may have to ask that you leave the island and forfeit all monies paid. We are in the Adirondack Park and there are regulations governing use of land, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Please help us to live by these simple rules.


There is a new clothes washer and dryer in the main house for your use. Soap powder etc. is furnished. You will also find a steam iron, ironing board, etc.


Enclosed are some suggested menus and beverage lists. Could you help us by looking them over and telling us about a few of your favorite foods. Please include family and guest's wishes as well.

Also attached is a Recreational Release Form, which we ask that you complete and return to us so that we have everything done before your arrival.


We have a Yoga instructor who is willing to come to the island by appointment, as often as you wish. Either of these people can be contacted through us. You can make arrangements to pay them directly or we can do it for you.

Please try to contact us as early as possible with your comments on any of these enclosures. We look forward to your visit.

Very truly yours, The Management of Dry Island

Dry Island - Camp Dakota
526 Hawk Ridge, Tupper Lake, NY 12986
518 359-9494 ph, 518 359-8201 fax
DRY ISLAND direct 518 891-3102 ph
DRY ISLAND FAX direct 518 891-0431 fax
E mail: pilot555@aol.com

Main office in New Rochelle, NY
70 Church Street
New Rochelle, NY 10805
914 235-8073 ph

Some items to consider ahead of your stay:

Dining out
Daily activities
Massage appointments
Yoga appointments
Golf "T" times to reserve
Tennis (Courts are 30 minutes away)
Fishing Guide (Book early in Summer)
Spa Services (Book early)

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