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Activities: Recreational Release Form (PDF)


We encourage our guests to enjoy the outdoor life of the huge Adirondack Park but want to advise you of some precautions before emulating Tarzan and Jane.

Dry Island is a combination of fine housing and rugged outdoor land. While generally quite safe, some of the island topography is rough. We advise that very small children not be left unattended as they could wander and possibly hurt themselves.

A few other cautions: Helmets are to be worn when bike riding. If under 12 years old, PFDs (life jackets) are to be worn when riding in the boats, canoes, kayaks, etc. If you do not know how to swim you need to advise us so that extra precautions may be taken. There is no boating, canoeing, kayaking, etc. before dawn or after dusk. Even adults who are great swimmers must have PFDs within easy reach when boating on our lake.

Note: Guests who have experience in "night boating" and are proficient in the skills needed for being on the lake in the dark, may be permitted to use the boats to go back and forth from the island to the landing. A PFD must be worn at all times.

You should swim only in the designated areas and always have someone to act as your "buddy". You must never attempt a crossing of any kind to any of the islands or the mainland by trying to swim the distance without a boat close to you acting as "guard" for approaching boats who may not see you.

We have not encountered any dangerous animals on our island (with the possible exception of our Caretaker) but there are occasional bears wandering the mainland. Keep your eyes open.

The mountains are a safe place to live and have fun so long as you follow the wisdom and suggestions of those who have been here many years.

Never hike mountains at night and do not climb a mountain from which you are unable to descend by nightfall. Speak to us and learn about various precautions before undertaking strenuous activities.

Please read the following and acknowledge with your signature.

I agree to release Dry Island, its employees, agents, and ownership, of all responsibility and liability pertaining to the use of any and all recreational facilities, not limited to, but including all swimming, canoeing, boating, hiking, mountain climbing, and bicycle use.

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Date: ___________________________


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